Starting Doctoral Research in Cultural Heritage Studies - 4, 5, 6 may 2015

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Starting Doctoral Research in Cultural Heritage Studies

Lieu : Yogyakarta (Indonésie), Department of Architecture and Engineering, University of Gadjah Mada
Dates : 4, 5, 6 may 2015

Brosur : brosur yogya 5  , Student brochure Yogya 5

Programm :

  • DAY ONE – May 4th 2015  

Morning :  Architecture, Urbanism and Heritage Studies

Facilitator:  Laretna T. Adishakti (UGM/BPPI)
Speaker 1:  Charles Goldblum (AUSSER)
Speaker 2:  Nathalie Lancret (AUSSER)

Afternoon : Geography, interdisciplinarity and Heritage Studies

Facilitator:  Dwita Hadi Rahmi (UGM)
Speaker 1:  Karine Peyronnie (IRD)
Speaker 2:  Adèle Esposito (AUSSER)

  • DAY TWO – May 5th 2015  

Morning : Law and Heritage Studies

Facilitator:  Lindayanti (UGM)
Speaker:  Vincent Negri (CECOJI)
Afternoon : Anthropology and Heritage Studies

Facilitator: Lono Simatupang (UGM)
Speaker 1: Bernard Sellato (CASE)
Speaker 2: Hélène Njoto (NSC-AUSSER-CASE)

  • DAY THREE – May 6th 2015

“Heritage trail”
Visit : JeronBeteng: Royal Palace (kraton), Royal gardens:  Taman Sari (“garden of scents”), and Kotagede (Mataram Dynasty’s first capital  – 16th c.).

About the course : This two-day training is designed to prepare future masters or doctoral students who wish to undertake studies on heritage issues in France. It offers an access to current topics in education on cultural heritage through different disciplinary approaches. French specialists of five disciplines (planning, architecture, anthropology, geography and law) will be invited to lead eight sessions of three hours each.

Each session will be introduced and moderated by an Indonesian researcher specializing in the discipline of its French counterpart. After having presented a short historiographic state of the art on heritage studies in each of their discipline, researchers will give a more detailed presentation on case studies from around the world, but mainly relating to Asia and Southeast Asia.